Accidental Encounters - A poem from the past

My eyes met yours and it was a surprise
I never thought I would come across them again.

It was a surprise because I didn’t expect you to be there
It was a surprise because it was so immediate 
It was a surprise because they seemed so foreign 
It was a surprise because I felt nothing.

As you rush past me, 
Head down, 
Pace quick
It hit me

I know you,

I know your favourite songs
I know what causes you pain
I know your best memories 
I know what you like to watch
I know all your worries 

I know you. 

The connection we once held together
Has been drained down the sink

I remember how you once told me 
“To see you as a stranger, 
is what I’d hate to think”

Yet here we are, questioning our glace 
Regretting the accidental encounter 
Suppressing the overflowing desire to revisit that chance.

We never thought we’d have to come across this fact

And as you turn around, cautiously, fearfully, curiously 
I see your pace drop

I wonder what you’re thinking

I hope its the 4 am babble that made us cry and our love grow so immensely, 
I hope its the 3 words you once uttered out the lips that touched mine so gently,  
I hope its the feeling of our 2 hands, intertwined with one another, a way of feeling a bit closer,

(I'm older now and I know what happened is preferred to be left in the past,
but to sooth my youthful heart, I must confess that -) 
- I'd wish you the best, 
but you already had me.

I hope you’re aching. 
I hope it hurts. 
I hope you’re breaking. 

This is Hannah

This is her, this is Hannah.

Makeup: Minimal, but bold. 

The epitome of bubbly and fun. Hannah can get along with anyone. Those in her presence experience a sense of confidence and comfortability, even if they don't know her personally. Her approachable aura is what led Hannah and I to bond in geography class in high school and led to a friendship that continued to tighten over a shared hated of the subject. 
Hannah is one of a kind, and to me the Kevin Macleod "Carefree" tune summarises her perfectly. Being around her involves laughing at everything and not taking life too seriously. 
Hannah holds great importance and value for friendship and reciprocates immense love and support. 
She embodies a unique sense of innocence and youthfulness that is hard to come across. 
Hannah and I have bonded over similarities that many find difficult to relate to and if there is one thing I would want her to know, it's how much I appreciate her and how much she builds my self-confidence through always expressing her genuine interest for my writing, online presence and everything I do. I am grateful for this wholesome friendship that thrives on building each other up. 

Also, check out the video I posted recently of things I've been doing, places I've been going and people I've been hanging out with, along with a few clips of the behind the shoot from 'This is Hannah'!